Vibration analysis for the Fans in cement plant

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Vibration analysis , measurement , for fans in cement industry

id fan

I will divide this post to three essential parts 

1- what are the fans that should be analyzed on daily basis ( 24h/day )

2- the importance of the Vibration analysis for fans in cement industry

3- what are the recommended equipment that should be used for the vibration analysis


let’s begin

the fundamental fans that should be analyzed on daily basis are

1- the cement mill fan ( the cement mill fan is induction fan , its location is behind the cement mill main big’s main task to withdraw the cement from the cement mills and be collected in the bag filter to be shocked by air pulse to make the cement particles fall in screw conveyors to be transferred to the cement silos.

so this fan cannot stop  we must take good care of it and spoil it and keep it clean and happy. 🙂

first you should check the fan Motor. and check if there is looseness problem or not. and check the main bearings.then you should measure the axial vibration. usually the problem will be in

  • Motor outboard bearing looseness.
    • Both fan bearings looseness.

what is the solution ?

• Check the motor outboard (free) bearing for excessive clearance.
• Check the impeller periodically for any accumulated material.
• It’s highly recommended to change both fan bearings and housing.
• Check the fitting between the bearing and shaft and the bearing with the housing and
realign the coupling.
• Check the coupling from any defects or wear.
• Check the locking nut from any looseness.
• Check the run out of the fan shaft may cause excessive axial vibration.

the below image show real life example for the points that should be tested. and if you want to send to me your test results to Judge it for you ,  I will be more than happy. just send an email to

cement mill fan


the other fans that must be checked daily are

cooler small fans ( air canons ) , ID fan , bypass fan.




ok now I will talk about the vibration analysis for fans for cement industry

if you didn’t maintain your fan in the optimum vibration range. you put your life and all the workers life in danger because accumulation of cement on the fan rotor or any thing cause misalignment will lead to catastrophic incidents.kindly be informed that it’s you responsibility to save workers life .

in my honest opinion preventive maintenance engineer is responsible about planet safety more than the main safety Engineer.



the last part.

which equipment you should use to do Vibration analysis ?

1- there are manual devices

2- there are automatic devices

3- there are robots that measure and deliver results to your CCR ( centeral control room )

for more reference about the equipment please refer to the below links

Vibration diagnostics of cement plant machinery


if you have any questions or want the range of vibration reading please don’t hesitate to contact me

I work every day 12 hour per day even in the week end

I promise I will reply to your emails in two hours





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6 thoughts on “Vibration analysis for the Fans in cement plant”

  1. Good information concerning vibration of vital fans in cement industry.However you mentioned on all causes of vibration with respect to heavy fans in cement industry but my personal observation is that most process fans especially the kiln id fan sometimes developes vibration due to volatile matters(alkali and sulphur)build up on the impeller of fans if there is change in speed or temperature of the process gas and some these build up do collapse or dislodge also if there thermal shock in the system and consequences of such shocks shows either negative or positive trends on the fans vibration.
    However today there are steps and improvements concerning the online control of vibration on heavy fans such as use of sonic horns for constant dislogement of coatings.Also we can use water spray system in he down comer duct of heavy fans to reduce the outlet temperature and to increase the fans volume.thereby supressing the vibration due to decrease in fans speed.
    There is online auto balancing device today designed for heavy cement industry fan so as to reduce down time due to cleaning usuch coated fans.

    1. Dear sir
      can you please refer us to ” online auto balancing device today designed for heavy cement industry fan so as to reduce down time due to cleaning usuch coated fans ” ?
      as I had seen by my self a damaged IDfan which put my own life and my colleges life in Danger.
      for the alkali materials , I believe that the fan impeller manufacturers use coated alloy metals to be used against these alkali materials ?

  2. I got the below question on my email
    I am posting it for benefit
    Good day sir,

    I worked in cement plant as safety officer and i would like to asked about our bucket elevator bec when I checked the toop of Bucket elevator it was vibrating much.

    Im waiting for you reply

    Safety First

    my reply was as below

    the bucket elevator vibration may be due to
    1- the Motor
    2- the Reducer
    3- something wrong in the chain
    4- clogging of materials or dust of clinker on the shafts or sprockets of bucket elevator

    there are a lot of reasons for bucket elevator vibration if you can shoot a video for the motor and reducer and the main shafts and sprockets I may be able to help you

  3. Dear Sir,

    Greetings from Masibus !!!

    In ref. to your problems on coating on fan and high fan vibration , we have solution for this problem and that is automatic balancer.

    Please find attached catalogue and Installation photo for your ready reference of Hofmann Automatic Balancer.

    We have some reference list as below for Automatic Fan Balancing System..


    ADVANTAGE OF THIS SYSTEM : This system is generally installed on Big Fans in Cement Plants. Due to dust deposition on fan rotor , slowly slowly vibration of fan increases due to unbalance. Tentatively after every 1 or 2 months, Plant has to stop for Fan cleaning. It lead to production loss of huge amount. This system will help to maintain fan vibration. so plant shutdown/breakdown can be avoided for longer period some times extended more than 6 months and production loss can be saved.

    In case of any query , please do not hesitate contact me.

    (Mr) Jagdish Simariya | Manager – Projects ( Engg & Execution)
    Masibus Automation And Instrumentation Pvt. Ltd.
    B-30, GIDC Electronics Estate, Sector – 25, Gandhinagar – 382044, Gujarat, India.
    M: +91-9099906173 , D: +91 79 23287275-79 (207) , F:+91 79 23287281
    W: | |
    Masibus CIN – U32201GJ1987PTC009994

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    Basically, vibration analysis for critical ID fans is required considered more seriously why because unbalance wear or uneven coating around the rotor impeller can cause severe damage and result in castostropic failure of rotary components. In looking into vibration point of view, three basic amplitudes such as velocity mm/sec, Acceleration, displacement want to considered to sort out the cause.morever GE value ie. Enveloped acceleration gives better results to find bearing related issues such as lubrication fault, excesssive clearance, inner race/ outer race fault. According to ISO 10816-3, the severity of vibration is known by respective sorting of classes but however fan required to be balanced both statiscally and dynamically to ensure more safe and efficient. Fan also needs cone gap and cone overlap should be consider if we say efficient interms of energy saving. Today, online condition monitoring techniques evolution brings new outline to critical equipments to give timely alert and predictive maintenance without affecting production However vibration spectrum analysis detects faults while running, fans with VFD can be energy efficient but sometimes the operation speed meets natural frequency ie. Critical speed of fan. This condition extends for while, fan will undergo severe damages. In my point of view, proactive maintenance is better than Preventive maintenance because equipment availability should be increased for production with profit.

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