cooling tower in cement industry

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cooling tower in cement industry

the article will consist of

1- the function of the cooling tower in cement plant

2- comprehensive check up list for cooling tower in cement plant

3- cooling tower calculation

4-cooling tower manufacturers CT

source of the picture : here

lets begin.

the function of the counter flow cooling tower is : 

to cool the hot water coming from the heat exchangers of the blowers and compressors then return the water again to the compressors and blowers to cool them down.

checkup list for cooling towers :


col wate

the items which must be checked

foreign objects, pollutants cause completely block of the tower above water tank.

you must maintain the cooling tower until it maintain the below specs

Cooling water capacity: 200m3/h;
· Inlet water temperature: t1 = 43℃;
· Outlet water temperature: t2 = 33℃;
· Atmosphere dry bulb temperature: θ= 31.5℃;
· Atmosphere wet bulb temperature: τ= 28ºC
· Atmospheric pressure: 100.4Kpa;
· Circulating water capacity limit: ≤20mg/L


so what will happened if you ignored the maintenance of the counter cooling tower  ?

Bad effects
Increasing the output temperature of the cooling water causing a repeated shut down for equipments and
raising the bearing housing temperature for a relatively long period.




Recommendations ? 

Clear all foreign objects, pollutants and blockage in the packing, water collector surface and
water collecting tank to prevent any clogging; to ensure the normal operation of the cooling
tower. Modifying the return hot water comes from compressor and blower room to enter the
cooling tower



Items needed to be changed
Water collector, water collector support, water distributer& nozzles and water spray packing are
needed to be changed


cooling tower calculations :

please refer to Engineering tool box site

the link is :


for the best cooling tower manufacturer I will update this post soon


best Regards.




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5 thoughts on “cooling tower in cement industry”

  1. cooling towers are also required in cement industry to cool kiln exhaust gases when electrostaic precipitators
    are used to clean them. Do you have designs for this application ?
    Suresh Deolalkar

    1. Dear sir I don’t have the design for cooling gas which is used in EP filters
      but I think you are the author of HANDBOOK FOR DESIGNING CEMENT PLANTS
      you can design them easily XD

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