Vertical gear box for the raw mill

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Maintenance of Vertical gear box for the raw mill

   There is a huge amount of contamination in the oil tank and gear box casing.

  There are 2 breathers in the gear box one of them not exist and the other one is full with deposits.




The oil for the raw mill gear box has not been replaced from the 1st start of the




1- The lubrication oil must be replaced completely.

2- Open the inspection doors for the gear box to check the gears and thrust pads.

3- Clean the oil tank, gear box casing, filters and breather  very well.

4- Erect the missed breather filter.

5- Re-tighten the mechanical tensioner between gear box output flange and table.


vertical gearbox rawmill
vertical gearbox rawmill

Action has been taken:


1- The lubrication oil for the gear box has not been replaced, and the oil has been used again, and this is not accepted action.

2- The gears, thrust pads and tire for the gear box have been checked and they are in a good condition.

3- The breather  which is full with contamination has been cleaned, so the tank, the gear box casing and filters.

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