Raw mill bucket elevator

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Raw mill bucket elevator maintenance 

Raw mill bucket elevator

1- The bearings at the driven sprocket are damaged.

2- The shafts of the driven sprockets have a sever wear.

3- The new sprocket shafts for the driven sprockets have no groove for circlip which locate the bearing in its position.

4- The free bearing of the drive sprockets has clearance 7 mm.

5- The fixed bearing of the drive sprockets has clearance 1 mm.

6- The drive shaft has an axial movement towards the free bearing.

7- There is high leakage from the oil seal of the low speed shaft.

8- The most of the bolts that connect the buckets and the chain links are loose.

9- The drive unit is fixed by welding a strip plate between the drive unit and its base so the torque arm has been canceled.


rawmill bucket elevator
rawmill bucket elevator


bucket elevator cement raw mill
bucket elevator cement raw mill




1- Replace the driven sprocket, the bearings and seals.

2- The new bearings of the driven sprocket should be located with a circlip.

3- Replace the free and fixed bearings of the drive sprocket

4-  Check the shaft for wear due to axial movement

5- Replace the oil seal of the low speed shaft for the main drive gear box.

6- Remove the drive unit fixation.

7- Replace all loose bolts which fix the buckets with the chain links.

8- Check the all buckets and links, and replace the defected.


Action has been taken:


1- The driven sprocket with shafts, bearings and seals has been replaced.

2- The new bearings have been located with a spacer instead of the circlip and this is an accepted solution, but the circlip groove should be machined in the spare sprocket.

3- Only the free bearing has been replaced

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