Raw mill reject bucket elevator Maintenance checklist

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Raw mill reject bucket elevator Maintenance checklist


  Raw mill reject bucket elevator

   The auxiliary drive is not working due to defected springs and pins.

   Coupling elements have a sever wear and there is 2 missed elements.

  The housing of the fixed bearings for the drive sprocket has manufacturing defects.

   The most of the bolts that connect the buckets and the chain links are loose.

  The bearings of the driven sprockets have very high clearance and defected inner race.

   The pin of the torque arm moved from its position and there is no tail on it.


Rejected rawmill bucket elevator
Rejected rawmill bucket elevator



1- Replace all springs and pins with new ones due to wear in pins and spring damage.

2- Replace the worn out coupling element and erect new elements instead of the missed ones.

3- When you replace  the  fixed bearing,  the  housing  of it  should  be replaced too.

4- Replace all loose bolts which fix the buckets with the chain links.

5- Replace the bearings of the driven sprockets.

6- Adjust the pin of the drive unit torque arm and erect new tail.

7- Check the all buckets and links, and replace the defected.

Action has been taken:


1- All springs and pins for the auxiliary drive have been replaced.

2- The bearings of the driven sprockets and seal have been replaced.

3- The pin of the drive torque arm has been re-adjusted and a new tail erected.

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