What should I do if the ceiling is moldy ? What are the treatment methods?

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What should I do if the ceiling is moldy ? What are the treatment methods?


The ceiling is our top face of the wall in the family, in everyday life, in wet weather often encounter long moldy ceiling stains, which seriously affect the appearance of the ceiling. Faced with this problem a lot of people do not know where to start, although better now than before the renovation of material quality, little moldy phenomenon. However, due to high humidity part of the house, a long time, inevitably ceiling moldy phenomenon. So, moldy ceiling how to do it? How to handle it?


First, we have to do is check the house ceiling or in a corner and no water seeping to find the cause of the ceiling moldy, musty mildew are generally small-scale caused by leaking ceilings, and there are some small areas is particularly serious, and with from the skin and then low. The large area and relatively uniform moldy, probably the Department of decoration improper, such as not using moisture mold material, or unseasoned wood will be eager to paint or paint, an end to the less volatile vapor, causing material influx changed mildew spot. If the ceiling gypsum ceiling mildew same phenomenon may occur, because the main component of gypsum is calcium sulfate, as long as a relatively humid environment, water vapor and calcium sulfate will combine to produce a chemical reaction, so that the ceiling surface or the hair appears Mildew Huang phenomenon. To find a way to solve these problems, you can also get professional mold agent in addition to the wall, the wall can be efficiently and thoroughly to kill mold, but can also change the structure of the corresponding parts of the wall, the wall to prevent mold growth.


And only then approach on the ceiling moldy. It can start with a cloth moistened with rubbing alcohol wipe, if less serious, can be rubbed under twenty-three mildew removal. Another method is to use 84 addition to mold disinfectant. But it is easy to stimulate the skin, so be sure to remember to wear rubber gloves when used, and used to wash water.


Use disinfectant

However, if the above methods are used still does not solve the problem, we must thoroughly dealt with: the choice of a good waterproof colorful interior wall paint. Let damp walls with a drying process from one to two months, and then in the wall of the brush layer of mixed cement to avoid aqueous slurry, moistureproof. Then fill the pit wall, pitted plaster putty, putty and full, after drying polished with sand paper to the wall, was repeated twice, and cleaned. Next, can be coated on the wall in a clean dry primer paint roller rolls twice, can also be sprayed, so that on the line.

Moldy ceiling must have three essential premise: suitable temperature, humidity above 80, the mold spores. Moldy ceiling to solve the problem, we should first look at the temperature, of course, in general we feel comfortable body temperature is the temperature required for the growth of mold, generally can not be changed. The mold spores because it is small and can be flapping in the wind, and therefore can not be eliminated.

However, the humidity in the room, mold spores require more than 80 breeding humidity, which is why we humans hate humidity. Thus, through a number of ways we can reduce the humidity in the room, so that can reduce our physical discomfort, it can also prevent breeding ground for mold. Sun weather, to open windows, let in the wind it! If it is rainy and humid weather on the open air, jump dehumidification mode, as long as the open air, humidity and natural decline, can effectively reduce the humidity in the room.

If any of the three small premises of a ceiling is not moldy. Therefore, we should try to ensure drying inside the room, avoid excessive humidity. To the room and regular cleaning, garbage or dirt accumulation prevent some mildew spores. I believe this possibility moldy ceiling will reduce a lot.



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  1. Great article on how to deal with a moldy ceiling! It’s important to identify the source of the moisture and take steps to address it, as you mentioned. I would also add that loft boarding can be a great way to create additional storage space in your home, while also helping to insulate your ceiling and reduce moisture levels. This can help to prevent mold growth in the future. I hope this is helpful!

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