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Kiln General


Rotary kiln assembly

1 Rotary kiln shell 7 Guard for rack and pinion drive
2 Kiln inlet with inlet seal with lubrication device
3 Tires with fastening 8 Kiln drive
system 9 Kiln outlet with outlet seal
4 Supporting roller stations 10 Kiln hood
5 Kiln longitudinal guide 11 Clinkering zone cooling (optional)
6 Rack and pinion drive


The POLRO 2 – support kiln


• splined tires (cold gap 0.4%)
• self-aligning rollers
• direct drive via supporting rollers
• pneumatically applied inlet and outlet seals
• air cooled kiln inlet tray

Design of rotary kilns


3 – support kiln versa 2 – support kiln


Statically undefined

• possibility of
– extreme overload
– plastic deformation

• requirement for
– etxra safety margin
– regular adjustment

Statically defined

• constant support loading
• elastic deformation only
• no sensitivity to misalignment
long enough for process?’

Kiln Inlet


“Low-dust” kiln inlet


Air cooled segmented inlet through



Kiln inlet seal


Kiln inlet

Slot adjustment between support ring and slide ring


Air pressure system


Kiln Outlet



Kiln outlet sealing


Principle of kiln outlet sealing


Kiln outlet



Kiln Shell

Description of the kiln shell calculation basics

The shell is a rotating drum made from rolled steel plates. These shell sections have the same inside diameter but different plate thickness. All sections are welded together.

The shell thickness is a result of some calculations, the so-called Kiln Static. Basic for the kiln static are some mechanical rules and some limiting factors for the shell material, the so-called Design Criteria.

The design criteria for a kiln shell is the Bending Stress.

Different kiln areas have different Loads.

Functions of the kiln shell

• Conveys material
• Guides gas from cooler to kiln
• Creates a constant moving material bed allows heat exchange between gas and material
• Holds the brick lining

Splined Tires


The tire is a steel ring on the outside of kiln shell. It works as an stiffener for the kiln shell. The kiln tires have to carry the kiln weight.


– Transfer load from shell to the rollers

– Keeps the shell in a round shape

– May transfer torque from roller to tire

Design criteria:

– Tire bending stress

– Ovality in %


Splined tires



Floating Tires


Floating (loose) tires


Floating tires



Comparison of kiln shell ovalities



Supporting Roller Station


Description and function of a kiln roller

A kiln roller is a steel wheel which is supported on each side. Each tire is supported by two rollers.


-Transfer load from tires to base plate

– Supports tires and keeps them in position

– Can transfer torque from rollers to tire

– Allows rotation

Design criteria:

– Hertz Pressure

– Bearing Pressure


Roller station

1 Base frame
2 Bearing housing assembly
3 Roller and shaft assembly
5 Guide block
12 Oil level indicator


Self aligning roller station for Polro kiln


Kiln Drives


Girth gear drive system



1 Bridge support

2 Bridge plate

3,4 Plate bolts

5 Girth gear

6 Heat shield


Self-aligning pinion


Electro-hydraulic drive system

Permitted tilting: ± 10 mm


Electro – mechanical drive




Kiln Hood



1 Lower part of hood

2 Upper part of hood

3 Suspension door

4 Trolley arrangement

5 Burner seal

6 Inspection port

7 Access door

8 Sub plate

9 Collar segment

10 Seal to cooler

11 Opening for measuring socket



Maintenance kiln inlet


Check points of kiln inlet seal:

• Slot between support ring and slide ring
• Thickness of the wear ring
• Visual check of sealing surfaces
• Check for material leakage
• Pre-tensioning of sealing robe



Air pressure net:

• Air pressure for pneumatic-cylinder
• Check of water separator
• Check of lubricator of pressurized air
• Check for leakages


Check of outlet seal: (similar to inlet seal), with additional points:

• Graphite lubrication of slide rings
• Function of pendling hatch
• Clearance of dust chute
• Functioning operation of expansion joints


Maintenance splined tire


Check of splined tire fastening:

• Check of wedge pre-tension
• Visual check of tire area
• Check of welds

Maintenance floating tires

Check of floating tire fastening:
• Control of relative movement
• Play measurements during stop times
• Control of axial retainers
• Lubrication of slide surfaces
• Check of welds

Maintenance / lubrication points


1 Girth gear

2 Compressor plant

3 Oil atomizer



4 Self-aligning pinion and stock bin

5 Splash lubrication girth gear pinion

6 Pinion bearing

7 Rotary kiln drive


15 Kiln tire

16 Inlet seal

17 Oil atomizer for inlet seal

18 Oil atomizer for outlet seal

19 Cooling air fan


20 Fan for clinkering zone cooling system

21 Supporting roller bearing station I

22 Supporting roller bearing station II

23 Supporting roller bearing staton III

24 Supporting roller bearing station IV

25 Graphite lubrication equipment



26 Thrust roller

27 Safety thrust roller

28 Slide pin

29 Hydraulic kilns longitudinal guide

30 Graphite lubrication equipment

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