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1-  The purpose of the preparatory processing of the raw materials is to convert theses chemically and mineralogical different materials, into raw meal of homogeneous composition. This has to be accomplished with suitably chosen machinery and methods, and lowest possible cost, in order this to fulfill the basic conditions for an economical burning process.

2- To produce a homogenous mixture which will quickly be converted in the kiln into a homogeneous clinker containing no free lime  . As a rule, size reduction  raw materials are effected in at least two main stages :

 1-crushing (primary reduction)        80 and 20 mm size       

 2-grinding (fine reduction)                 0.2 mm size

3- The capacity of the crusher, reduction ratio, hardness, fragment size, moisture content, plasticity and abrasiveness of the material are important factors affecting the choice of the size reduction machines and methods for dealing with it.

Crushers Type

­Hammer Crushers

­Impact Crushers

­Jaw Crushers

­Gyratory Crushers

­Roller Crushers


Single – Rotor hammer crusher (O.&K.)

Single Shaft Hammer Crusher

Twin-rotor Hammer Crusher

Grid Bar Cross-Sections

Hammer Crusher with Feed Rollers

Auxiliary Equipment

For Changing worn Parts

Particle Size distribution for hammer crusher product for quarry feed

Hammer Crusher Highlights

Function            :Impact & percussive action

Action                : Continuos

Reduction ratio  :  50:1

Capacity            :2000 t/h for the double rotor

Application       :Primary reduction of     medium hard to hard material

Single Rotor Impact Crusher

Compound Impact Crusher “Hazemag”


Single Impeller crushed-breaker plates & Breaker bars

Impact action of a double Impeller impact

Double Impeller Impact Crusher with Housing

Impact Crusher Highlights

Function       Impact surface

Action          Continuos

Reduction ratio  single crusher           6:1 and 20:1

          compound crusher   60:1

Capacity     1500T/h

Application Suited for brittle hard and medium    hard material,the single rotor used as     primary crusher only .

Toggle Crusher

Single Toggle Jaw Crusher

Double Toggle Jaw Crusher


Jaw crusher highlights

Function   Compressive action

Action   Intermittent

Reduction ratio   6:1 to 8:1

Capacity   Low capacity » 300 T/H

Application   Primary crusher for very hard abrasive

materials of low moisture Content,

single toggle crusher is better for

inclusion of stick Materials but, higher

wear than the double toggle.

Gyratory Crusher

Crushing Action of a Gyratory Crusher

Gyratory crusher highlights

Function    Compressive action

Action     Intermittent

Reduction   12:1 to 15:1

Capacity      6000 T/H


Primary crusher for very hard abrasive material of  low moisture

Roller Crusher

Single Roller Crusher

Double Roller Crusher

Product particle size distribution Compression type crusher

Main factors in crusher performance

Impacts   r.p.m.


         Separation between   breaker plates

Crushing Plants Stationary Crushing Plants

stationary crushing plant with direct feed dump trucks

Static Primary crushing plant with preliminary screening on stepped (multi-stage) grizzlies

Grizzly with elliptical rotating rollers

Mogensen sizer (illustration of its principle)

Protection against foreign bodies

Metal Detector + magnetic drum separator

Crusher with Dryer

Schematic diagram of typical system

1- Loader

2- Mobile Crushing Installation

3- Travelling Tripper

4- Shiftable belt Conveyor System

5- Stationary Belt Conveyor System

Mobil Crushing plants

Wheel mounted (Rubber tyred) O.&K.


Rail mounted – two sections

Hydraulic walking mechanism O.&K

Lifting Vehicles moving





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