Preheater Area ID Fan Maintenance checklist

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Preheater Area ID Fan Maintenance checklist

ID  Fan





  High oval occurred at the ID Fan free bearing’s housing and it appear clearly by   measuring tolerances    between    housing    and   bearing   outer    race where it is 0.95 mm(950 µ) at the top area and about 0.20 at sides.

  Wear and scratches appear at contact area between the bearing housing and bearing’s outer race.(see pictures below)

   Bearing internal clearance about 0.16 mm and it is still within limit (bearing number 22232 E1 C3).

   Damage in an expansion joint







   According to the housing tolerances calculation and application the housing inner bore diameter tolerance should be (56 to 108 µ) and it is actually now reached to 950 µ.

   Free bearing housing must be changed.

   Leveling of the shaft need to be checked.

   Housing should be change

   Change the expansion joints at fan inlet and outlet



Action has been taken:


  1. Free bearing has been changed

3.  Free housing has been repaired due to shortage in spare parts at plant store


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