Predominant wear mechanismsin rotary kilns

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Thy Tyre –a Critical Section


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Predominant wear mechanismsin rotary kilns




Tyre Area


The tyre area, one of the most critical kiln zones, due to the combination of all three wear mechanisms, which increases the speed of wear dramatically


Pre-mature Wear at Tyre Section







Ovality and refractory lining


The lining life of the refractory lining is significantly influenced by the mechanical condition of the kiln shell.


Effects of Increased Mechanical Load Due to High Ovality


Consequences for the lining





Not only the refractory also the equipment can be effected



Signs of increased mechanical load


Recommended Limits

Recommended tyre creep and ovality

The ovalityof the kiln shell depends on the tyre clearance, the distance between kiln shell and tyre. The higher the clearance the higher also the ovality. The acceptable clearance depends on the diameter of the kiln.




Evaluation of Mechanical Condition


Creep measurement




Measurement of creep and tyre clearance







Shelltest Measurement


For more detailed information of the mechanical condition of the tyre a so called Shelltest Measurement should be carried out regularly. It gives useful information for possible maintenance measures:

-measured ovalityin comparison to recommended range

-tyre clearance

-alignment of the support rollers

-load of the support rollers

-alignment of the kiln axis

-permanent kiln shell deformations

-cracks in the kiln shell


Definition of ovality

Ovality is the twofold difference between the smallest and biggest radius of the kiln shell during one revolution expressed in percent of the inner diameter.





Application of the measuring beam


For a representative result the measurement has to be carried out under normal operation conditions (coating conditions, kiln rotation, capacity etc.).



For the shelltest measurement the device from Philips kiln services of latest generation is used:
Philips Electronic Ovality Beam.




Summary Graph



Interpretation and evaluation




Interpretation and evaluation :Ideal Curve





-The results of the Shelltest measurement can give useful advises for maintenance measures.

-Regular maintenance can prevent from increased or premature wear of the refractory lining dueto increased mechanical load.


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