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Kiln Heat Balance Calculation Calciner _ Preheater




This tool is used for kiln audits’ balance calculations and reporting of them. This version is the official release 1 as division tool. Former versions distributed in CTEC area are replaced by this release – the changes and improvements compared to the April 2008 version are documented in the next page _ revision.

A detailed training on the tool is provided in the process engineer training Pyroprocessing 2 (kiln audit training). To guide the user comments are available for most input cells and important calculation cells.

This tool is using the updated Add IN Function thermodynamic.xla from January 2009 (1.5b). User should install the updated add-in prior to using the tool. The add in file as well as an installation guide is attached below. The new add in version allows the use of negative temperatures, an “Enthalpy_free” function without water evaporation is implemented.

There are no makros used for calculation to keep the tool transparent. The only makro used is to ensure the proper function of the add ins – the makro is deleting any path to thermodynamic functions which might occure when copying from another PC.

The add in function still have some logical checks which might cause error massages during data input (unlogical data as long as the input is not completed). Just aknowledge and continue with further data input.

The cells are not protected to allow follow up with the formula auditing = take care not to modify. Input is done only on the input pages and to be customised example pages at the back.

Summary layout of tool: 4 input sheets where data entry is processed into material balance, waste gas calculation and finally heat balance sheets. Balanced figures of performance results are summarized in a final sheet.

The calculation and result sheets are created to be directly copied into the audit report.

Preheater and/or precalciner kilns are supported by the tool (still separate line calciners with separated preheater strings need manipulation by user). For wet lines and long dry lines a separate version is in use within CTEC and available as division tool soon.

Flow sheet example and example for cyclone speed calculations are added at the back, they are linked to the input sheets of the heat balance but are not used for heat balance results, they can be customised for the specific application.



To Download the Excel sheet and most important cement books and documents click here now 


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