Major Overhaul for our Plant

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Major Overhaul of complete cement plant


cement plant overhaul

 Mechanical major activities

 Quarry area

1-Crusher Rotor: The worn out rotor has been repaired by welding electrodes
2-Steel cord B/C: The most defected parts in the belt conveyor have been
replaced 190 m and two cut off part has been repaired
 Raw Mill Area
1. Dam ring has been repaired
2. All thermo cables have been repaired and the bearings temp for all rollers
appears at Control panel.
3. Protection cups for all bolts of rollers: Only the new cup has been fabricated
with the same old material and design but it have not been erected.
4. Lock plate for raw mill roller bearing: The bolts of the lock plate for bearing
inner race on the shaft have been re-tighten with torque 1000 N.M only.
5. Roller bearing of raw mill: the oil has been replaced and the oil tank and
roller housing for all rollers have been cleaned.
6. The template for roller tire has been fabricated and the tires wear have been
measured to be 110 mm (As approach measurement) from 170 mm as
original thickness. The template available at plant workshop
7. R M. reject cone: Only the worn out sheet metal has been patched, the
supporting webs have been supported well and repaired and reject cone
with its webs have been repaired
8. Raw mill scraper: The two defected lining plates for scraper have been
9. Hot gas nozzles: worn out guide vanes have been repaired with ST 37.

10. Separator: Upper bearing and guide bearing have been changed. The worn
out parts in the outlet duct and in rotor supporting webs have been patched.
The coupling elements and bolts that fix the drive unit flange with separator
roof have been replaced
11. Rotaries under R.M cyclones: The worn out key ways have been repaired (for
motor shafts only). All keys have been replaced. Oil seals of high speed shafts
have been changed
12. Vertical gear box for the raw mill: The lubrication oil for the gear box has not
been replaced, and the oil has been used again, and this is not accepted
action. The gears, thrust pads and tire for the gear box have been checked
and they are in a good condition. The breather which is full with
contamination has been cleaned, so the tank, the gear box casing and filters.
13. Raw mill bucket elevator: The driven sprocket with shafts, bearings and seals
has been replaced. The new bearings have been located with a spacer
instead of the circlip and this is an accepted solution, but the circlip groove
should be machined in the spare sprocket. Only the free bearing has been
14. Raw mill reject bucket elevator: All The springs and pins for the auxiliary
drive have been replaced. The bearings of the driven sprockets and seal have
been replaced. The pin of the drive torque arm has been re-adjusted and a
new tail erected. All springs and pins for the auxiliary drive have been
replaced. The pin of the drive torque arm has been re-adjusted and a new
tail erected.

 Preheater Area

1. ID Fan: Free bearing has been changed. housing has been repaired due to
shortage in spare parts at plant store

 Kiln Area

1. Kiln outlet shell: Deformed jacket has been repaired and erected again. P
Percentage about 40% of the total outlet lamella seal’s quantities hasn’t
been changed and it was erected again. New quantities of lamella seal
fabricated form stainless steel thick 3 mm which isn’t suitable for that
application “Not have the spring steel properties”
2. Cooler grate1&2: Worn out plates of grae 1& have been repaired by stainless
steel strip
3. Clinker crusher: Grizzly bars and its upper parts have been repaired
4. Pan conveyor: The worn out, deformed and defected rails have been replace
with length 30m approximately. About 200 buckets have been replaced with
its bolts. About 9 rollers have been changed. Loosen bolts have been

 Electrical major activities

1. Preventive maintenance for transformers, stations, panels, motors, low
voltage motors, junction boxes of crusher, raw mill, kiln and cooler.
2. Automation” buck up main PLC program”
 Production Major Activity
 Cleaning activities for major equipment
 Production constrain
 Refractory Major Activity
 Changing 10 m of kiln bricks
 Recasting for kiln hood gate of kiln burner
 Recasting of Flap gates under cyclones, material chute, 2 expansion
joints in precalciner and Preheater cyclones
 About 209 ton of castables “different types” have been used

cement plant overhaul

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