inspection about the technical status of ESP filter “RM& Cooler” and bag filters of Bypass and all CMs’s fans in running condition

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Abstract: The cement industry handles billion tones of dust each year and does a good job in keeping dust
out of the atmosphere. Over the years, the allowable dust emissions from cement plants have become
lower and lower. Particulate Matter (PM) has impacts on climate and it also adversely affects the human
health. According to Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), process emission need to limit fewer than
50mg/Nm3 in 2015 and it need to limit fewer than 30mg/Nm3 in 2016.

Bag filter for air lifter of CM1
and CM2: type PPW 32-3 and
gas flow 4464m3/h

Problem or Note Description

· A lot of dust has beenemitted through the filter’s stack of both bag filters
· Insufficient compressed air for both bag filters
· Oil leakage from the geared motor for both filters
· A lot of dust and scrap around the both filter area

cement bag filter
cement bag filter

Expected solution

· Change the damaged bags 50% per each filter
· Compressed air should be at least 4.5 bars
· Spare parts are needed for both filter: one impulse valve with solenoid type SCG353A047,onesolenoid valve type
K25JD-8 and one geared motor type BLY18-43

· More commitment for housekeeping

case study of another problem 

· High over pressure for silo 1 because of non running the filter since 2months age as the
motor need to be fixed
· Bag filter for Silo 2 had not been worked since 1 year ago so the silo 2 hadn’t been worked also.
· The storage of cement depends on silo 1 only
· Rotary feeder without motor for both filters. A flap gate instead of the rotary has been erected so we expect a
repeated material blockage and the feed to screw will be irregular
· Insufficient compressed air for both bag filters
· Oil leakage from the geared motor for both filters
· A lot of dust and scrap around the both filter area

Expected solution

Change the damaged bags 50%per each filter
· Compressed air should be atleast 4.5 bars
· Spare parts are needed for bagfilter for Silo 2: one impulse valve with solenoid type SCG353A047,one solenoid valve type K25JD-8, one geared motor type BLY18-43 “1.5KW” and Rotary discharge 300*300 capacity 18 m3/H
· Spare parts are needed for bag filter for Silo 1:Four impulse valve with solenoid type SCG353A047, geared motor 2.2 KW and rotary feeder size 300

case study cement filter
case study cement filter


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