case study : Electrostatic precipitator filter cement plant

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Status of E.S.P. Filter “RM& Cooler”&Bag filters of Bypass and all CMs’s fans

The following is an inspection report about the technical status of ESP filter “RM& Cooler” and bag filters
of Bypass and all CMs’s fans in running condition.

Abstract: The cement industry handles billion tones of dust each year and does a good job in keeping dust
out of the atmosphere. Over the years, the allowable dust emissions from cement plants have become
lower and lower. Particulate Matter (PM) has impacts on climate and it also adversely affects the human
health. Currently using process emission control device in cement plant include Electro Static Precipitator
(ESP) and various types of bag houses. According to Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), process
emission need to limit fewer than 50mg/Nm3 in 2015 and it need to limit fewer than 30mg/Nm3 in 2016.


Problem Description

· There too much air buffing from the RM EP filter casing.
· Also a lot of dust emission through the stack and air buffing represents 3.5% of kiln feed”4-6 T/H”
· Wire failures due metal fatigue, full hoppers and eroded wire frames
· Ref. to CCR’s screen the first chamber is completely damaged.
· The other 2 chambers aren’t working in efficient way

EP filter
EP filter

Expected Solution

· Re-new the casing of the ESP with respect to the thermal isolation also

running ESP filter
running ESP filter

· Prepare at least two complete chambers.Plates, discharge electrodes (wires) and other internal components are the bones of the precipitator with the rapping mechanism
· Also prepare all geared motors for three chambers “discharge and collecting electrodes”
· It is recommended to change the discharge electrodes from wire to a rigid design to help overcome low current
levels produced by high space charge.
· Set the clearances correctly to avoid reducing voltage, increasing wire failure, more loading to downstream fields, and other problems.


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