Raw mix ratios signification recommended value

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Raw mix ratios signification recommended value

The alumina ratio

The silica ratio

Exercise: what is the reason of a decrease of silica ratio?

LSF Lime Saturation Factor

To make clinker correctly, the raw mix must contain all the total lime (t-CaO) needed to:

o form the C4AF with the iron and one part of Al2O3

o form the C3A with the possibly remaining alumina

o form the C2S with all of the silica… then transform all of the C2S into C3S


Takes into account the required lime reduction

The lime saturation factor measures the little less of total lime


  So in practice, C real – C theoretic

Influence of C3S / C2S

Exercise: question

Exercise: answer 1

What is your diagnostic concerning third raw mix?




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