Books on Cement Industry by Nohman Mahmud

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Books on Cement Industry by  Nohman Mahmud


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Nohman Mahmud

Nohman Mahmud

Cement Quality & Process Optimization Expert
  • Every person working in a particular field of work requires books / Technical Reports / Papers and Industrial Magazines for solving day to day challenges & problems, for excelling and for optimizing the existing processes as well as product / service quality.
  • I do believe that the easiest route to keep yourself updated about your relevant field of work is by reading the books, Research Papers and Magazines relevant to your industry in which you work.
  • Literature also enables you to think and challenge the preconceived ideas and locked thinking patterns about the images you have already made up without going through intellectual thought & learning process.
  • In this article; I will share a brief introduction of the books which I have read to date; my area of interest is Quality, Process & Production however few books which I have read and gone through; although not in that much detail are about other topics related to the cement plants.
  • Will also share some best research papers / reports (out of countless others) on technical topics along with some magazines which I also found to be most relevant & informative.
  • In the end I will also share my favorite books in the conclusion section.

Innovations in Portland Cement Manufacturing

  • Edited by Javed I Bhatty (Editor in Chief), F. MacGregor Miller &  Steven H. Kosmatka and published by Portland Cement Association PCA USA; covers nearly all technical aspects of cement manufacturing.
  • One of the best books in order to get thorough perspective with regard to cement manufacturing and associated subjects; different chapters written by experts with sufficient detail and also mentioning the latest technology and innovative practices used in worldwide cement industry.
  • Chapter 1 deals with Historical perspective on cement manufacturing, Chapter 2 on Materials and Fuels, Chapter 3 Pyroprocessing and Kiln Operations, Chapter 4 on Finish Milling and Material Handling, Chapter 5 Optimization and Control, Chapter 6 Environment and Energy, Chapter 7 Health and Safety, Chapter 8 Analytical Techniques, Chapter 9 Cement Types, Specifications and Properties, Chapter 10 Future Trends.
  • Comprehensive book having 1333 Pages in total.

The Cement Plant Operations Hand Book 

  • This book is written by Philip A Alsop, PhD and published by Tradeship Publications Ltd UK.
  • Section A Process Summaries Comprises of 15 Chapters whereas Section B Deals with Process Calculations and Miscellaneous data.
  • Concise book having only 292 Pages; however good with regard to the aspect that cover all the areas involved in cement manufacturing with sufficient detail, accuracy & latest data.

Lea’s Chemistry of Cement and Concrete 4th Edition

  • The edition was edited by Peter C Hewlett and published by Elsevier Science and technology Books; is the must have book for every quality Manager who wants to have in-depth knowledge about cement and concrete as well as associated topics.
  • Chapter 1 deals with History of Calcareous Cements , Chapter 2 Portland Cement : Classification and Manufacture , Chapter 3 Cement Components and their phase relations , Chapter 4 The constitution and Specifications of Portland Cement , Chapter 5 The burning of Portland Cement ,Chapter 6 Hydration ,Setting and Hardening of Portland Cement ,Chapter 7 Resistance of Concrete to Destructive Agencies , Chapter 8 Physicochemical and mechanical properties of Portland Cement ,Chapter 9 The production of low energy cements , Chapter 10 Pozzolona and Pozzolanic Cements Chapter 11 Cements made from Blastfurnace Slag , Chapter 12 Microsilica as an addition ,Chapter 13 Calcium Aluminate Cements , Chapter 14 Special Cements , Chapter 15 Cement Admixtures , Chapter 16 Concrete Aggregates ,
  • Comprehensive book covering every aspect related with cement quality, Types of Cements, Concrete issues and quality; having 1066 Pages in total.

Cement Chemistry by Harold F.W.Taylor

  • This books published by Academic Press Limited England is also a very good book with regard to topics related with cement quality; although bit difficult to understand until and unless you don’t have sound knowledge about chemistry.
  • It is advisable to first read Lea’s Chemistry of Cement and concrete before going to Taylor.

Properties of Concrete by A M Neville 5th Edition

  • This book was published by Pearson Education Limited UK; One of finest book on Concrete quality and all the factors which affect the concrete quality with special focus on actual field application and practices.
  • Also one of the must have book for cement plant quality manager in order to get the guidance and input with regard to solving field problems where you have to probe more than the cement quality alone.

Handbook for Designing Cement Plant by S P Deolalkar

  • This book written by S P Deolalkar & published by BS Publications India covers all aspects related with designing of cement plants; a very comprehensive book.
  • Very useful book for people related with designing, erection and even execution of cement plants.

Cement and Concrete Chemistry by Wieslaw Kurdowski

  • Published by Springer in 2014 and one of the latest book on cement and Concrete chemistry and quality; but again bit difficult for people who do not have sound knowledge about chemistry.
  • Suitable for the people who already have good knowledge about cement chemistry.

Cement Formulae Handbook

  • This handbook published by Confederation of Cement Industry India is the latest handbook published in May 2019 and covers all the formulas / calculations which are required for carrying out different calculations in a cement plant.
  • Very useful in day to day issues; especially from calculations point of view.

The Rotary Cement Kiln by Kurt E Peray 2nd Edition

  • Published by Edward Arnold in 1986; it is a book concerning the fundamentals of cement kiln operation and maintenance, covering nearly all aspects of rotary cement kiln.

Microscopical Examination and Interpretation of Portland Cement and Clinker by Donald H Campbell, PhD 2nd Edition

  • Published by Portland Cement Association USA in 1999; One of the best book on microscopy; covering both the theoretical and practical steps involved in microscopy along with interpretation of the result and conclusions.

Advances in Cement Technology by S N Ghosh (Different Volumes)

  • Covering different aspects related with cement manufacturing discussed in detail in different volumes, one of the good resource for understanding in detail the technical topics related with cement manufacture and quality.


  • Role of Minor Elements in Cement Manufacture and Use Publsihed by Portland Cement Association USA and authored by Javed I Bhatty
  • Solving Raw Material Challenges Published by Construction Technology Laboratories IncUSA and Authored by Linda M Hills, Vagn Johansen & F.MacGregor Miller
  • Raw Material Characteristics (Including Burnability and Volatility) Published by FLSmidth
  • Understanding Clinker Liquid Phase by Ricardo A Mosci
  • Clinker C3S Paramount by Dr Micheal Clark
  • Guidelines for the selection and use of Fuels and raw materials in the cement manufacturing Process Published by Cement Sustainability Institute
  • Living up to Strength Potential by Raine Isaksson ,Neil Taylor and Isaksson-Taylor
  • Health and safety in the cement industry: Examples of Good Practices Published by Cement Sustainability Institute
  • Cement Soundness and the Autoclave Expansion Test —-An update of the literature by Waldemar A Klemm Published by Portland Cement Association USA
  • Effect of Minor Elements on Clinker and Cement Performance: An laboratory Analysis by Javed I Bhatty Published by Portland Cement Association USA
  • Alkali Silica Reaction —-Published by Cement and Concrete Association of Newzeland
  • The Durability of Concrete Containing High Levels of Fly Ash by Donald Burdedn Published by Portland Cement Association USA
  • Papers by Holderbank and Blue Circle——-Many topics ranging from Cement Manufacturing, Quality and Operations and Maintenance; nearly every topic involved in cement manufacturing.
  • Clinker Microstructure and Grindability ——-Updated Literature review authored by Linda M Hills Published by Portland Cement Association USA
  • Energy Benchmarking for Indian Cement Industry —–Published in May 2019 by Confederation of Indian Industry and Cement Manufacturer Association
  • Cement Grinding —a comparison between vertical roller mill and ball millpublished by FL Smidth
  • Cement Process Engineering Published by Lafarge.



To Download the below books and more click here now 


Cement Magazines

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  • Following four magazines are very useful in getting the latest technical as well as general information related with cement industry.
  • International Cement Review
  • World Cement
  • ZKG International
  • Global Cement


  • Best books related with cement industry as per my understanding are as under.

Quality of Cement & Concrete:

  • 1st Lea’s Chemistry of Cement and Concrete
  • 2nd Properties of Concrete by A M Neville——Only for Concrete.

General Book (Overall Cement Manufacturing covering all sections)

  • 1st Innovations in Portland Cement Manufacturing
  • 2nd The Cement Plant Operations Hand Book
  • 3rd Advances in Cement Technology by S N Ghosh

To Download the below books and more click here now 



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