Special Inorganic Cements – Ivan Odler

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Special Inorganic Cements – Ivan Odler



The only book to cover the use of special inorganic cements instead of standard Portland cement in certain specialist applications, such as oil well drilling or in a high temperature location. Special Inorganic Cements draws together information which is widely scattered in the technical literature. It describes various special cements, their chemistry and mineralogy along with the appropriate manufacturing processes, their hydration and hydration properties, and their applications.


1 General characteristics of inorganic cements
2 Special Portland cements
3 Reactive forms of dicalcium silicate and belite cements

4 Cements containing calcium sulfoaluminate.

5 Cements containing the phases C12A7 or C11A7.CaF2
6 Cements containing the alinite phase
7 Composite cements: general considerations
8 Cements containing ground granulated blast furnace slag

9 Cements based on natural and artificial pozzolanas

10 Calcium aluminate cement
11 Calcium sulfate based binders
12 Phosphate cements
13 Cementitious systems modified with organic polymers
14 Densely packed cementitious materials
15 Miscellaneous inorganic binders
16 Low-energy cements
17 Fast-setting cements
18 Cements for high-performance concrete
19 Cements with reduced hydration heat evolution
20 Binders with increased resistance to chemical attack
21 Expansive cements
22 Cements for concrete mixes made with alkali-susceptible aggregates

23 Cements for elevated and high-temperature applications
24 Coloured cements
25 Cements for fiber-reinforced cementitious composites
26 Binders to be used in combination with wood

27 Oil well cements
28 Inorganic binders for toxic and radioactive waste disposal

29 Cements for dental and medical applications
30 Cements for miscellaneous special applications



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