Environmental Calculation Formulas

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Environmental Calculation Formulas


Water Dew Point

The water dew point temperature in a gas stream can be calculated as


Acid Dew Point

The acid dew point temperature for SO2/SO3 in a gas stream can be calculated as:


Cooling Water Injection for Gas Cooling

The required amount of cooling water for gas cooling can be estimated as
(Rule of thumb):

Air Inleakage in Process Filters from Temperature Reading

If the temperature at inlet and outlet of the process is known the air inleakage
can be calculated with a heat balance (dust in process gas is neglected).

For air leakage estimation a cp ratio (process gas/air) of 1.1 can be used and the temperature of the inleakage air can be approximated with the ambient
temperature resulting in:

Air Inleakage in Process Filters from Oxygen Measurement

Inleakage air can be calculated with an oxygen balance over the filter.

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