Vertical Roller mills

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Vertical Roller mills

Main parts of a vertical roller mill

Mill body


Hydraulic system

Nozzle and retention ring

mill body


Vertical roller mill: frame type

Polysius: Polroll

Gbr. Pfeiffer: MPS

Vertical roller mill: rocker arm type

Loesche: LM

Kobelco: OK


Processes inside a vertical roller mill

The material is trapped between the rollers and the table

When the hot gas trap the material leaving the table

From the table to the separator through the gas

The fine product from the coarse one and sending the last one back to the table



Grinding: material distribution on the table

Grinding: compression of the material


Pneumatic transport to the separator of the material leaving the table
Mechanical transport of the material falling down through the nozzle ring







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3 thoughts on “Vertical Roller mills”

  1. Very good information thanks and we need instrumentation formula s and operation principal s send me sir

  2. Very good information thank you I have to CCR kiln operation and formulas and ball Mills and vrm calculations please send me. Chemical formulas.

  3. Dear sir
    It is to be assumed that during grinding of raw materials, raw mill feed increased and decreased up to (2 to 5%) of total feed in both cases vertical and ball mill. Up to my understanding when every parameter is going well this change in feed is due to slight change in recepies , due to pile change (HGI), increse or decrease in dust %age in feed, some other miner factors which are not usually checked on hourly basis.
    In case i am right then please tell me how much %age of feed increse or decrease will consider a normal variance.

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