Titan Cement Egypt is now Hiring

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To download the below  and all other Useful Books and calculations Excel sheets please click here 

To download the below  and all other Useful Books and calculations Excel sheets please click here 


Titan Cement Egypt  is now Hiring


Titan Cement Egypt  is now Hiring Quality Manager Department: Quality Job description : – Monitoring the production line and doing periodic Quality Control checks – Satisfying customer expectations about the product’s quality – Designing, Implementing & Complying with ISO accreditation requirements – Auditing materials provided by suppliers to assure quality before incorporation into the product – Assessing the product’s quality by testing for a range of features like heat value, temperature, humidity, ash, chlorine… etc. – Investigating causes of quality problems and proposing solutions Qualifications: -Bachelor Degree – Excellent communication Skills – Ability to work on the following equipment: INDUCTIVELY COUPLED PLASMA – OPTICAL EMISSION SPECTROMETRY, PHOTOMETER, AUTOMATIC TITRATOR, OVEN, CALORIMETER, CUTTING MILL, ANALYTICAL BALANCE, WATER PURIFICATION SYSTEM, HOTPLATE (CERAMIC TOP, ANALOGUE). – Basic Knowledge on Solid fuel Energy Sector or RDF or Alternative fuel or Combustion Processes Qualified applicants should send their updated resumes to: moataz.magdi@titan.com.eg please mention the job vacancy (Quality Manager ) in the e-mail subject Vacancy deadline is 31 May 2018

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1 thought on “Titan Cement Egypt is now Hiring”

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