Exclusively for Cement Process Engineers Cyclone efficiency calculator

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Exclusively for  Cement Process Engineers Cyclone efficiency  calculator – Eng Nael Shabana




Cyclone efficiency checking by using Standard Efficiency Formula

you will have to input Cyclone data :

Entry area dimension

Immersion tube dimensions:

Cylindrical part dimension:

Conical part dimension:

Temperature at Cyclone inlet:

Pressure at Cyclone inlet:

density of material:

density of gases(NTP):

Gas flow rate at Cyclone inlet:


Viscosity of air at temp:0.000023kg/m.s
Density of the gas:331kg/m3
Number of revolutions in the outer vortex (Ne)9
Velocity at inlet36.35m/s
Gas residence time in outer vertex2.18sec
Cut off size of particle12.82microns


Raw mix particle size and Cyclone efficiency calculation (all datas are in Microns)


to download please click here 




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