clinker Grindability

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clinker Grindability


Grinding …

is necessary

o to create surface area so that a good chemical reaction occurs (Blaine)

o to reduce particle size and ensure that all of it will be consumed (mesh sieves and micron sizes)

uses ~ 60% of plant electricity


To evaluate energy required to reach a wanted fineness


measured thanks to BB10 test

o giving the industrial kW depending on the fineness

o can be done for raw mix material and also for clinker


Raw mix material grindability

What not to do

o have a raw material under-dosed in lime

o have variable RM

What to do

have a constant RM

Clinker grindability

Clinker BB10 Grindability in the Group

What parameters influence  clinker grindability?

Main parameters

Other parameters

Influence of belite

Influence of SO3 in clinker

What not to do

o To have too much SO3 in clinker (find a good compromise between reactivity and grindability)

o To have a reducing flame


What to do

o To have good burning potential

o To have a good flame

Influence of additives


o difficult to grind like clinker or more


o easy to grind


o variable but always abrasive


o silica : as difficult to grind as clinker

o limestone : easy to grind but one must control fineness production


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