Burner Welding Instructions.

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Burner Welding Instructions


We have good results carrying out welding works on heat resistant seams with following material:


Heat-resistant material – mild steel:

For example: 1.4828-1.0038 etc.

DIN EN ISO 14172-E Ni 6082


AWS A5.11-97: ~ENiCrFe-3

Wst.-Nr: 2.4648


This is a nickel-based electrode with very good operation characteristics, but it takes an experienced welder to do the job. It is extremely important to have a clean welding area without any traces of grease and sulfur to avoid cracks in the seam. The area should be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol or acetone. If possible, the root layer should be TIG welded. Proper drying of the electrodes is also necessary.


Heat resistant steel:


EN 1600-E 22 12 B 2 2

AWS A5.4-92: ~E309-15

Wst.-Nr: 1.4829


This electrode can be easily processed also by non-specialized welders. Preheating is not required for burner-typical parts.

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