Raw mix characteristics – K.P.Pradeep kumar

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Raw mix characteristics – K.P.Pradeep kumar


What is cement ?

Factors influencing the cement quality

Process flow sheet

Characteristics of raw meal

Chemical composition of cement raw materials and mix

Physical characteristics of Raw meal

Particle size & Particle size distribution

Optical micrograph and super imposed size analysis of quality audit standards

Minerals in a lime stone

Lime stone

Well developed quarry

Influence of efficient mining on quality

Control on chemistry

Main parameters for raw mix design

Lime saturation factor on clinker basis

Effect of modulie

Hydraulic modulus

Characterization of kiln feed

Homogenising systems

Different stacking system

Circular stock pile

Longitudinal stock pile

“Average” clinker composition

Milestones in clinker formation

Clinker manufacture

Potential clinker composition

Microphotograph of clinker

Parameters for good clinker:

Required burning zone temperature

Influence of minor components on liquid properties

Mechanism of clinker reaction

Radial cross section of rotary kiln

Influence of revolutions / minute on kiln operation

Influence of revolutions / minute on kiln operation

Sequence of chemical reactions in cement rotary kiln, temperature and energy input

Properties of liquid

Milestones in clinker formation (2)

Relevance of the liquid phase

What is free lime ?

Effect of raw mix changes on resulting free lime

Formation and size of nodules and formation of C3S at various temperatures both as a function of time.

Behaviour of volatiles

Melting points and boiling point

How to assess and understand burnability

What is portland cement clinker

Uniform Nodule Sizes

Dusty Clinker

Clinker Granulometry

Reactions during clinker cooling


Influence of cooling on clinker phases


Influence of minor components on the burnability of rawmeal , process and Quality of cement




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