Very Useful guide for All Cement industry Engineers

Important Guide for Cement industry Engineers

by Mohamed Shaaban Abdou Aly Mechanical Engineer +201000598568 or +201003839638


Cement production

Cement production material:- Consist of the following materials:-



Cement Plant & area boundary and main equipment:-

 1- Quarry & Crushers:-

A.Limestone crusher (to crushing limestone material blocks)

B.Clay & additives crushers (to crushing the clay & additives material blocks)

C.Belt conveyors (to convey the crushing materials (limestone & clay materials) to reclaiming and stacking).

D.Accessories (Bag filters, water spray system, compressors…etc.)

2- Reclaiming and stacking station:-

A.Stackers (to stack & store the raw materials to have chemical stable patches), Reclaiming  (to pre-blending the raw material))

B.Belt conveyors (to convey the limestone & clay materials (raw materials) to raw mill area).

C.Accessories (Bag filters, water spray system, compressors…etc.)

3-Raw mills area:-

A.Apron & weight feeders (feed & arrange the charging materials to the mills)

B.Raw mill (balls tube mills (horizontal mill) or vertical mill (roller mills))

C.Main filter (control and condition gas either to be used in raw mills or cool it down to comply with environment regulations) and conditioning tower (cooling).

D.ID fan (to suction the hot gases from cooler in which used for combustion in kiln and gases to preheat kiln feed material)

E.Air sliding (to transport the raw material to the chain bucket elevators to charge the raw silos).

4-Kiln area:-

A.kiln feed system : Bucket elevators. .Air . Chamber pump. . IBAU pump. (Pumps which use to lift & charge the materials to Pre-heater tower)

B.Pre-heater tower (consisting of the cyclones to preheating the raw materials to 900 C0 )

C.Rotary kiln

1-Kiln drive unit

  • Auxiliary drive
  • Main drive
  • Girth gear (gear rim)
  • Kiln Lubrication circuit of the girth gear (CIBLATIEN) and lubrication of the journal bearing.

2-Kiln supports

  • Kiln tiers and rollers support with journal bearing.
  • Kiln thrust table and the hydraulic circuit (to lift the kiln)
  • Kiln seals and lamella (inlet and outlet)

D.Cooler (cross bar – grate cooler)

5-Clinker transportation:-

  • pan conveyors to charge the clinker silos
  • Clinker silos
  • pan conveyors or the drag chain to charge the cement mills

6-Cement mill area:-

  • Belt conveyors and weight feeders (for the clinkers and gypsum)
  • Cement mills (balls tube mill ( horizontal mill))
  • Cement mill drive unit (symmetry drive gear box or the double drive gearboxes and two pinions (main and stand by)) and lubrication circuit, and the high and low speed coupling
  • Mill girth gear and the pinion and pinion bearing (journal bearing)
  • Mill bearing (journal bearing inlet and outlet or shoes bearing).
  • Hydraulic and lubrication of the cement mills (low pressure or high pressure pumps)
  • Vibrator or dynamic separator of the cem
  • Mill fan cement bag filters or EP filt
  • Cement pneumatic transportation (IBAU OR FULLERS or chamber pump) pumpers
  • Compressors and compressed air to the cement pumps, and cement pipe lines to the cement silo

7-Cement silos and packing area:-

  • Center pin
  • air sliding of the cement materials
  • Screw conveyors
  • Vibrator screen
  • Rotary feeder
  • Packer machine (HAVER and BOKER), 8 spouts / machine and pneumatic circuit (pneumatic valves and cylinders)
  • Compressor and dryers
  • Bags belt conveyo
  • Truck loading or the bulk loading device


Flow chart of the cement plant