Happy End story

Forex Social Trading and How it’s affected Hazem Ghorbal Life

How Hazem saved his Life Earnings through Forex Social Trading

Mr Hazem Used to work as technician at Reputable Cement company in Egypt. from 2009 to 2015 he saved 50% from His salary. he saved from 2009 to 2015 around 220,000 LE . back in 2010 and 2011 , this amount of money was enough to Buy Mercedes E300 , now this Amount of money will not be enough to buy Kia Picanto  . 

the Bottom Line , due to the inflation the money Lose it’s value.


let’s Return to Hazem and his exact Technique how he Turned his 220,000 LE t 1,885,714 LE.

NOTE : it’s a Real story  and we will prove it.

Mr Hazem had a son who was very smart , every month he took his father’s salary and exchanged it to US Dollars and Deposited it in his account at the best Forex Social sharing Platform Zulutrade  . 

you may or may not know about Forex trading , but let’s me tell you 3 facts about forex trading.

1- for the professional Traders the yearly AVG profit percentage around 33% from the initial deposit . if you deposited 100,000 USD if you are professional Trader you should Gain 133,000 USD.

2- more than 90% from people who invested in Forx lost their money !!

3- the Main problem of forex trading it takes very long time to learn and apply profitable Strategy and Techniques , and you should always be infront of your computer analyzing and paying attention to every piece of news even if it’s not Related to the forex.

What if I told you that 

1- you won’t have to sit infront of your computer to follow your trades ?

2- you can decide the Level of Risk before trading ?

3- your money will work for you while you are sleeping 

let’s Return to Mr Hazem and His son

at 2010 the exchange rate was  1 USD = 6 EGP 

at 2016 the Exchange rate was 1 USD = 16 EGP 

and he gained 3X from his money. from the Social trading so he Turned his 220,000 LE t 1,885,714 LE.

it may seem not clear to you now , but we can talk and discuss every aspect of the Process 

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